Style, Form, And Function: How To Find The Perfect Shoe

The perfect pair of shoes is the Holy Grail that some people chase all their lives. The truth is, with so many options, so many styles, and so many manufacturers, there are several perfect pairs available for you. But finding them isn't always the easiest thing.

You want style, form, and function. If a shoe cannot fulfill all three of those requirements, then it's not the perfect shoe for you.

Choosing the Perfect Style

Style is the easiest part, because it's all on you. Your personal style will dictate what draws you to a shoe. If not your style, then you'll seek out a style that conforms to the stylistic norm for an event, gathering, or place. For personal appeal, if it calls to you, then go with it.

For formal wear, look at the styles that go with the occasion. Pick the shoes that most serves your sense of style while also conforming to the style of the occasion.

Choosing the Perfect Form

Form is a little harder when it comes to shoes. Style and form go together, but keep in mind that you can have the same style but in different forms. Conversely, you can have different styles that come in similar forms.

This is where many people freeze up, but be brave. Just like style, form can appeal to you personally. For some women, a leopard print style on a high heel seems a little gaudy. But a leopard print style on a classic riding boot may be just what the doctor ordered.

Also, just like style, occasions and situation can dictate form. For men, a nice slip-on loafer may seem like it's fit for all occasions, but a nice pair of oxfords may fit a formal occasion better.

Choosing the Perfect Function

Shoes are not just for looking good and pleasing your personal sense of style. They also need to serve you. Function is a very important part of what makes a shoe perfect. Uncomfortable shoes aren't something that anybody wants to have to put up with. This is especially important if you suffer from foot pains or need something to help you stand for long periods of time.

Function is the one part of these three factors that can help you narrow your choices down the most. Style and form can please you or a particular situation, but function can please your body and your overall health. Walking around in ill-fitting shoes or shoes that hurt will not do you any favors.

Putting the Three Together

The best way to combine these three factors is to look for manufacturers that produce shoes that satisfy the three requirements. You can always find the style you want, and you can always find the type of shoe you want. You can even find highly comfortable shoes. However, some manufacturers deliberately go out of their way to produce shoes that try to accommodate all three.

Quality shoes made from quality materials are not just in the domain of designer shoes. Instead of researching price, research the manufacturer and see what they put into their products.

Starting from the manufacturer than working your way through these three requirements is the way to go. It will serve you better than starting from one of the requirements and struggling through trying to make the shoe fill the other two requirements. (For more information, contact Alegria shoe shop)