How To Find Affordable Dance Clothing For Your Child

When you have a child who wants to get involved in dance, you may feel a bit nervous about how much everything is going to cost. You have lessons to pay for, time off from work for recitals and classes, and clothing, shoes, and other accessories that can really make the bill jump up.

Learn how you can find affordable dance clothing for your child, so you don't have to worry as much about this ongoing expense:

Dance Class

Ask your child's dance instructor if any other students have outgrown or no longer need their dancing clothing or shoes. They may be able to put you in touch with other parents who would gladly sell these items for a decent rate. You can get quality ballet dance costumes, leotards, tap shoes, warm up gear, and other items for cheap or even free in doing this. It never hurts to ask.

Social media

If you have a community social media page in your area, place a post about the type of dance clothes you are looking for, and the price you are willing to pay. Odds are, you'll end up with many responses and be able to control how much you pay for items.


If you have children in other sports and they no longer use their gear, you may be able to trade these items for dance clothing. Since children often switch from one activity to another, parents often get stuck with leftover clothing and accessories they don't have use for.

Consider setting up a sports swap meet in your area, and invite your local community to bring any dance, cheer leading, football, soccer, and other items for trade.

Second-hand stores

Not only can you find great everyday clothing and work wear items at your local second-hand stores, you can find unwanted dance clothing for a steal as well. Browse the racks for many dance clothing pieces. If your local thrift store doesn't have anything you are looking for at the moment, you can leave your name and number with the manager so they can contact you if something you may be interested in comes into their store. 

Dance can be a pricey activity for your child, but you can help make the costs less daunting by using these tips to help you find clothing for less. In using social media, your local community, and discounted stores for your needs, you can find great dance items for a great price.