Learn How To Choose A Dress That Hides Your Baby Bump On Your Wedding Day

Planning your wedding is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable things you ever do. If you are pregnant and do not want everyone to know, it can make wedding planning a bit more stressful. The most stressful part about planning a wedding while you're pregnant is choosing a dress that hides your bump as much as possible. Use the following guide to learn how to pick a wedding dress that will have all eyes focused on you rather than only seeing your baby bump.

Don't Be Afraid of Color

Wedding dresses are now available in many different colors. If you go to try on dresses and do not see a color that you like, you can have any white or ivory dress dyed to the color that you want it to be. Many dress shops have shoes available that can be dyed to match the dress as well. When choosing a color for the dress, be sure that it does not wash you out or is not so bold that it takes away from your beauty. Beautiful pale pinks, purples, and even some greens can serve as beautiful wedding dress colors.

Longer Dresses Fool the Eye

Long flowing dresses cause people's eyes to start at the top of your dress and look all the way down to the floor in one sweeping motion. If you have a dress that stops just above your knee, their eyes will focus on your belly because their focus stops short. The long flowing dresses will also make you look leaner and taller than you actually are. Any dress can be hemmed to be shorter if needed, so do not be deterred by a dress that is a bit longer than you need it to be.

Ruching Hides Everything

Ruching is all the rage when it comes to wedding dresses. Ruching is when the designer grabs a portion of the dress and sews it so that it creates a puckered look. The ruching usually starts at the hips and continues all the way down to the floors. This creates layer upon layer of beautiful large ripples of material. The ruching will draw everyone's eyes to the bottom of your dress and away from your tummy.

If you buy a long flowing dress that has ruching and features bold, beautiful colors, everyone's eyes will be distracted by how beautiful you look in the dress and they will not even be looking at your stomach. The gown will need to be altered to fit your height or bust size more than likely so it is best to find the dress as soon as you possibly can. A seamstress should be able to get the dress hemmed within a week so that your wedding can be held as sooner rather than later.