Using A Fresh Pair Of Laces To Breathe New Life Into Your Work Boots

Certain upgrades can totally change the look and feel of an item of clothing, from putting a new strap on your watch to a new leash on your sunglasses. One of these upgrades which can have a huge effect on your footwear is swapping out your old laces for a new set of a different type. Here are three types of laces that can each give you a fresh new take on the same pair of boots. 

Nylon Laces

The majority of work boots in the low to moderate price range come with these types of laces.Very often a combination of gold and tan, these laces give a tough, worker's aesthetic, and are built to last and stay tied no matter what the environment throws at you.If you like this type of durability and want to retain it while upgrading your boots, try a different color, as nylon laces come in a huge variety of colors. Tonal lacing provides a sleek look, classic tan and gold is classic workwear, and a bright pop of color can be used to lighten the mood around your boots. 

Flat Waxed Cotton Laces

Moving up one step on the formality spectrum, we arrive at waxed cotton boot laces. These types of laces are often found on boots in the moderate to high end of the price range, but they're a great way to add distinction and class to a less expensive pair of boots. Waxed cotton is the same material used in dress shoe laces, only those laces are round. Flat waxed lacing adds some strength to the mix, but don't expect these laces to hold up as well over time through the metal eyelets and speed hooks of a tough pair of boots. However, if you're looking to make a favorite pair of boots look more expensive and classy, flat waxed lacing is the way to go. 

Leather Lacing

Considered midway in formality between nylon and cotton, rawhide leather lacing is the best way to give your work boots a rustic look. A set of rawhide laces gives a set of boots some character, and hearkens back to a time when these types of boots were used to work the forests and backwoods by loggers and pioneers. Of the three options in this list, this is the most classic option, and looks good on any work boot available today, especially vintage pairs. 

Sometimes a simple and easy upgrade is all it takes to change your entire viewpoint on an article of clothing, and nowhere is that more evident than in your footwear. The easiest of these switches is your lacing, which takes just seconds to change and can make your boots look tougher, classier, or more vintage in a snap. Talk to places like White's Boots for more information.