Cleaning Your Child’s Boots After A Puddle Jumping Adventure

Do your kids love jumping in puddles during the Spring? Warm, rainy weather can be very inviting to a child who has been cooped up inside for the winter, and a good pair of children's rain boots make it easy for them to get out of the house and go splashing through the yard. The trouble is that at some point, your little one may run through more than just water, and need a deeper cleaning for his or her boots. Here are some possible problems your child's boots might encounter and creative ways to keep them looking (and smelling) like new.

Red Mud

Children don't normally stop to test the quality of the mud in the puddles they are jumping in. Because of this, your child may splash in a puddle that leaves her cute pink boots looking rusty. Iron deposits and red clay in the soil can stain your child's clothes, including her boots. While it may be possible to save a pair of socks by running them through a cycle in the washer, rubber boots are a bit more difficult to wash. (Please don't run your child's boots through the washing machine. Doing so may cause the boots to crack.)

In order to properly clean the red stains from your child's boots, you first need to make sure any caked-on mud has been removed. Allow your child's boots to dry, and then scrape the mud away with a dull knife. After that, wipe any remaining mud away with dish soap and water. If you still see red stains at this point, use a magic eraser to restore the boots to their original color. You may need to rinse the eraser occasionally because the red stains will transfer to it as you rub the boots.


Unless your child's boots are solid black, you may start to notice that his active play can cause them to get scuffed up. Those little black streaks can make his boots appear worn out long before they actually are. A pencil eraser can easily remove these scuffs and have your child's boots looking like new. Simply erase the scuffs the same way you would erase a stray mark on a piece of paper.

Stinky Little Feet

If your child prefers going without socks on warm days, there is a good chance that those sweaty little feet will cause his or her boots to stink. In order to avoid the smell, you could just have your child leave his or her boots outside, but the stench might attract unwanted animals to your backyard. (A desperate skunk might mistake your child's boot for a new love interest, or a dog might think it is a piece of rawhide. Either way, your child may lose a boot.)

Instead, opt for removing the smell. To do this, sprinkle baking soda inside your child's boots, and allow them to sit overnight. This will give the soda time to absorb any odors that may be lingering. The next morning, rinse your child's boots out with warm water, and allow them to dry completely before letting your child wear them again. 

Wearing rain boots can be a lot of fun for your child, and keeping them clean can be easier than you think. Just make sure to use these methods right away so that you can keep your child's boots looking like new.