How To Build A New Basic Wardrobe

Are you finding that you go to a full clothes closet and yet you don't feel that you have anything really good to wear? Perhaps your clothes are outdated or they have been washed so many times that they look too worn. Whatever the reason, here are some ideas that might help you to build a new basic wardrobe.

Build The Look You Want - Start with the basics and build from there.

  • Pick a basic color for slacks, skirts or jackets. Consider a color that flatters your skin tone, your hair and your eye color. One idea is to pick out a celebrity that has your same coloring. If you like the way he or she dresses, see which colors that individual wears and be a copy cat.
  • Once you have selected the basics, have fun with other articles of clothing. For example, picking out a red and white T-shirt to go with navy blue pants will give you a very casual look. On the other hand, selecting a silk top with the same pants will be great for an elegant dinner date. Guys can add a snazzy jacket for an even dressier look, and gals can wear a gorgeous shawl for added drama.
  • The accessories you select will finish the look for you. For the men, a leather wrap bracelet or a watch with a leather wrist band will be great with slacks and a sport shirt for a casual look. Give the same slacks and a silk shirt a dressy look with a masculine gold chain and a gold-tone watch. The same goes for the gals. A skirt and casual blouse with plastic chunky jewelry will give a fun and easy look. Adding crystal chandelier earrings to the same skirt and a silk scoop blouse will transform the look into something very elegant.

Consider Buying Made In USA Wholesale ClothesAs you build your wardrobe, think about selecting articles of clothing that are made right in the United States of America. Here are some excellent reasons for shopping in the USA. 

  • Shopping for clothes made in the Untied States keeps the American economy growing strong. 
  • You can be sure that there are safe conditions in American clothing factories and that workers are being paid a decent wage.
  • Building your basic wardrobe with American made wholesale goods can be affordable. Another really important point is that you'll be promoting American independence.