Buying Clothes for a Relative’s Baby? Here Are 3 Things to Keep in Mind

If a relative has just had a baby, clothes are definitely in demand. However, before you run out and buy every cute outfit you see, keep the following tips in mind.

Ease of Use

You may see a cute outfit with a lot of buttons and think nothing of purchasing it for your relative's baby. However, it's important to know that there are days when the baby will go through multiple pieces of clothing in one day. They may throw up and their outfit needs to be changed right away. Therefore, focus on clothing that can be put on and taken off quickly. Look for clothing that has snaps or loose ties, as well as large openings for the baby's head.

It is also important to keep in mind that the busy parents will have to wash and dry the clothing you get. That satin dress may be beautiful, but it may not be easy to wash or get stains out of. Baby T-shirts and onesies can be perfect clothing choices for babies because they are easy to care for and wash, and can be put on and pulled off easily. 

Customize Clothing

If the baby's parents are like most, they are thrilled that their baby has arrived. They are just starting to use the name they've chosen especially for their baby, and that's why customized clothing bearing that name is something you should consider. Cool baby T-shirts emblazoned with the baby's name are a great idea, as T-shirts are always in style. Get a few different personalized T-shirts so that the baby can wear their custom clothing on a regular basis. Bibs and hats can also be personalized. 

Buy Big

If you aren't sure what size clothing to get, it's a good idea to buy a size larger than the baby's actual age. They can always grow into clothes, but if you get a size too small you'll have to return what you've bought. 

You can be especially helpful if you head to the toddler section and look for cool T-shirts and slacks that will serve the baby in the future. For instance, if the baby is born in the summer, you might look for long pants and sweaters so that the parents can get a jump start on clothes for the coming season.

With some cool baby T-shirts, you'll be able to keep the baby and their parents happy.