How To Give Great Embroidered Gifts When You Have A Tight Budget

Does it seem that you are having to come up with a gift every time you turn around? If you are on a tight budget, that might be a problem for you. If that's the case, here are some ideas for you to consider that will help you give something unique and fun. Personalizing the gifts with embroidery will just be the frosting on the cake.

Shower Gifts - When the recipient will be opening your gift in front of other guests, you'll be a hit when you consider these ideas.

  • Baby Shower - Instead of buying an expensive diaper bag, think of purchasing a decorated reusable grocery bag to fill with small baby gifts. Trial size baby shampoos and other bath products would be perfect. In addition, think about giving little custom-embroidered washcloths. Consider embroidering the words Sugar and Spice on pink washcloths for little girls and Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails on blue ones for a baby boy.
  • Wedding Shower- Consider giving the bride and groom aprons. You can find reasonably priced ones at hobby or craft stores. A fun idea would be to embroider one with Kiss The Cook and the other one with the words I'm The Cook.
  • Mother's Day - If you're willing to part with an old placemat or napkin that's still in good shape, you can have a lot of fun embroidering a clever saying and a simple design to go with it, and then placing it in a used frame that you have refinished yourself. One design to consider is a stick-figure of a chicken and the words Having children is like being pecked to death by a chicken or a stick figure of a rooster with the words Early To Bed Early To Rise on it.
  • Father's Day - Again, you can save a lot of money by utilizing something from yesteryear. One idea would be to cut up old T-shirts and make throw pillows out of them. Embroidering the recipient's name or a funny saying on the finished product would make them even more personal. Consider embroidering the person's name or nickname on the pillows, or funny words like Don't Bother Me - I'm Napping!

Consider going through your closets and drawers to look for treasures that can be transformed into something unique and personal. That way, with some help from an embroidery company and some creativity on your part, you'll be prepared to give thoughtful gifts to anyone important in your life.