Incorporating The Bohemian Style In Your Everyday Appearance

If you are a woman who enjoys wearing clothing that makes a statement, and you wish to appear trendy by wearing the latest fashion in your clothing choices, you may wish to incorporate Bohemian pieces in your everyday attire selections. Bohemian clothing is currently hot on the runways as it is comfortable and inexpensive for those who wear it. Here are a few ideas you can use to enhance your own wardrobe with some "Boho" additions that will be sure to turn heads.

Layer Your Pieces For A Fashionable Look

Dressing in Bohemian clothing is a cross between using "hippie" pieces those in the sixties and seventies were known to wear with the style of the nomad Romani people. This blend of fairly current style with gypsy-like attire can be acquired by layering your clothing to give you an entirely new look. 

Consider wearing a long, flowing skirt with hiking boots and a trendy blazer to give the impression of a woman who enjoys the outdoors while remaining relaxed. A peasant-style top can be covered with a solid-colored vest and coupled with a pair of khaki culottes or beachcomber-style pants to acquire the look of elegance while still looking natural. Layering neutral colors along with one piece with a pop of color will help make your appearance classy and rugged at the same time.

Keep Your Comfort In Mind

Bohemian clothing is meant to make you feel comfortable while still exuding a romantic look. Long, flowing skirts or loose maxi dresses allow you to remain warm while showing your feminine side. When selecting pieces for this look, consider buying clothing in a size larger than your normal fit. This will give you extra breathing room and allow you to move around without restriction. 

Don't Forget Your Hairstyle And Accessories

To get a true Bohemian look, your hair and accessories should match your apparel. Wear your hair down and add some mousse or gel to add some texture or use a curling iron to make some loose, messy curls. A knit cap can cover the top portion of your head while your hair peeks out from the rim. A scarf can be draped around your neck or around your waist to add some color when wearing primarily neutral colors. Add some earth tone bangle bracelets or a stone necklace and earrings to add femininity. Top your appearance with a pair of work boots to complete the style.

Keep these style tips in mind next time you check out luxurious hand woven Bohemian clothes.