Treat Your Adolescent Daughter To A Day Of Fun And Pampering On Her Birthday

If your adolescent daughter's birthday is coming up, and you would like to treat her to a unique day that is filled with fun and pampering, incorporate the following ideas into your plans. The birthday events will be memorable for your child and will demonstrate how much you care about her.

Embellished Shirt

Take your daughter to a shop that allows individuals to choose how they would like clothing purchases to be decorated. Buy a plain, cotton shirt that is a color and size that your daughter prefers. Allow her to choose the embellishments that will be added to it.

For example, retailers like Southern Tots have the option to stitch or adhere a monogram to one of the pockets in order to give the shirt a personalized appearance. Your daughter may also wish to have a picture or design added to the shirt in order to provide the garment with more appeal. Once the details that your daughter chose have been added to the shirt, your daughter can wear the garment to show off her unique sense of style.

Spa Treatments

Set up an appointment at a local spa so that your daughter can receive a manicure, pedicure, facial, or massage. For added enjoyment, participate in each session with your child so that you both can spend quality time together.  The pampering sessions will help your daughter relax and feel as if she is on top of the world. She may also learn some valuable tips that will assist with painting her own nails or giving herself a facial that will provide her with results that she is happy with at a future time.  

Dinner And A Movie 

Ask your daughter if she would like to go out to dinner and watch a movie at a local theater with you, family members, and some of her closest friends. Allow your daughter to pick the restaurant that everyone will be dining at and the movie that will be watched afterwards. If possible, make arrangements with the restaurant beforehand to surprise your daughter by singing to her and presenting her with a cake once everyone has finished their meals.

After arriving at the theater, your daughter may be ready to sit back and unwind after her busy day. She can enjoy the movie with some of the people who mean the most to her and will feel honored because her birthday celebration was a hit.