Buying Mens Shoes For Wide Feet: What To Look For

If you have wide feet and want to have stylish, comfortable shoes, you need to shop smart. You want to choose shoes that have a wide enough toe area to keep your feet comfortable while offering you ample arch and heel support. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the best shoes for your feet that are both attractive and comfortable.

Round-toed options

Round-toed shoes naturally have a wider foot path for your toes to rest comfortably in the inside. Choose shoes that have tips that resemble a half circle instead of a triangular or oval tip. If you want to choose a more classic style in casual or work wear, opt for a square-toe shoe. You know the shoe fits well when you can wiggle your toes independently without them overlapping on one another.

Reinforced heel

A shoe with a reinforced, cushioned heel offers you the greater support that you need when you have wider feet. When you don't have the toe part of your shoe hugging the balls of your feet, your arch and heels can be left without the support they need to move your body around healthily. A reinforced heel gives you the support you need without compromising toe comfort and allows you to walk and run freely with less risk of rubbing or twisting of your ankle.

Breathable material

When you have wide feet, they can expand even more when they are overheated. You can prevent overheating of your feet and keep them from sweating by wearing shoes that breathe well. Avoid plastic or all man-made materials in your shoes, and choose varieties that have ventilation in the sides or on top of the toe areas for added relief.

It also helps to wear cotton socks when wearing shoes so your wide feet don't retain water from being overheated, making your shoes tight and uncomfortable. Cotton blends are fine as long as cotton is the main component of the material's design.

Make sure when buying shoes that you shop beyond simply choosing styles that are built with wide options. You want to customize your shopping experience by paying attention to the overall construction of the shoes you are interested in for the best true fit. Try on many different brands of shoes until you find the fit that suits your feet best.

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