Are You Going Camping?

Are you going camping with friends or with your family? Maybe you're even going on a camping trip as your family reunion this summer. Whatever the reason, you are smart to plan ahead. If you're an old hat at camping, you probably know exactly what you need to take. If you're a brand new camper, consider talking to an experienced camper who will be happy to tell you what you'll need. Whether you're an experienced camper or a brand new one, consider making a written list of things you need to take and of things you need to buy. By making a list, you'll more than likely cover every detail. 

Shop For Big Items at a Military Surplus Store

Have you ever been to an army surplus store? If you have, then you already know that you can more than likely get everything on your list right at the military store. If you've never been to a military surplus store, prepare to be amazed. Think of buying your sleeping tent at the military surplus store. The store will more than likely have so many tents from which you can make your selection that you might get a bit confused. The clerk will be happy to help you pick out the best tent for your needs. For example, if your entire family will be sleeping in the tent, the clerk will probably show you a large tent that has enough room in it to store extra gear. If you'll be sleeping by yourself, say if you're camping with friends, the clerk might show you a pop-up tent that basically sets itself up. 

Shop for Extras at a Military Surplus Store

Do you need an ice chest? The military surplus store will more than likely have the right one for you. Think of clothes you'll need, too. For example, think of buying camouflage t-shirts, shorts, and long pants at the surplus store. The store will probably have sizes for little kids and for adults. Don't forget flashlights. If you have little kids, they'll get a kick out of having their very own flashlights. And, of course, you can probably find them at the military surplus store, too. Don't forget extra batteries. Yep, the store will probably have those in stock, too. Will you be doing outdoor cooking? Look for the tools you'll need. The military surplus store will probably have both outdoor grills and the cooking tools.