Order Long Sleeve Performance Shirts For An Autumn Go-Kart Race

If you are orchestrating a children's go-kart race this fall, the participants can represent their teams while staying dry by wearing long sleeve shirts that have an interior layer of wicking material. Long sleeve performance shirts are designed to pull moisture away from an individual's body and may reduce discomfort during physical exertion.

Use A Color, Name, And Number System

If the go-kart race is going to involve participants being assigned to specific teams, choose long sleeve performance shirts that are bright colors. Choose a team name that corresponds to each of the colors. During the time that you order the shirts, request that team numbers and participant names are added to the front and back of each performance garment.

If you would prefer that the participants design their own shirts prior to the competition, use fabric paint or tape to prepare one shirt and use the garment as an example that the go-kart operators can refer to when customizing their own garments. The bright color of each shirt will make it fairly simple for family members and friends to keep track of specific participants as they complete each lap.

Form-fitted performance shirts will also eliminate sagging fabric that could unintentionally blow in the wind and interfere with a go-kart operator's ability to maintain full control of their go-kart.

Request That Crew Leaders Match The Participants

Crew leaders may work up a sweat almost as much as the go-kart riders, especially if they are required to walk around the property and will be cheering on the members of their teams throughout the race. Order and customize enough performance shirts so that each crew leader will have one to wear during the go-kart race.

Prior to the race, announce the names of the teams and all of the participants of the race. Alert the audience to each leader who has been an integral part of the planning for the big day. 

Raise Funds By Selling Extra Shirts

If you would like to raise funds during the competition and provide audience members with souvenirs from the race, order performance shirts in bulk and sell them at the admission gate.

Order shirts that are varying sizes and colors and hang all of the garments from portable clothing racks so that people who enter the grounds where the race will be held can browse through the garments prior to making purchases. The funds that are raised can be used to pay for advertising, a property rental, bleachers, and additional fees incurred during subsequent go-kart races.