Caring For Your Favorite Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is making a comeback. Not only are women falling in love with the styles of the sixties and seventies again, but men are loving the old band shirts they wore back in the day. So, how do you care for those vintage pieces that you love? Here, you'll find a few tips to help you choose and care for the vintage clothing you're adding to your wardrobe.

Careful Selection

As you look over your vintage piece of clothing, there are a few things to look for to determine if it will last a little while or if it will fall apart after you wear it a few times.

First, check the seams. If the stitching in the seams is still strong, chances are, the piece was well taken care of or has been stored for quite a while.

Hold the item up in the sunlight. Are there areas of the fabric that you can see through more easily than others? If so, the fabric is worn and may not last through many washes before needing to be repaired or replaced.

Check the armpits and crotches — these are the two most likely damaged areas on clothing. The seams are pulled tight and the armpits are exposed to quite a bit of sweat and can stain. Some sweat stains will come out, but when they've been sitting in the fabric for lots of years, the stains may not come out at all.

Washing Vintage Clothing                                                                                        

Since there are so many types of vintage clothing, there is not just one way to wash it all to keep it in good condition. For items that are delicate or have beads or other details, taking it to a dry cleaner for professional cleaning is likely the best option. For basic T-shirts, washing them in your washing machine at home in a delicate cycle in cold water will be just fine. Once washed, line dry the shirts using only plastic clothespins.

Storing Vintage Clothing

Storing vintage clothing is best done in a climate-controlled space. The area should be low in humidity and not exposed to sunlight. If you won't be wearing the piece for a while, use a clothing bag to store them in your closet to prevent dust and bugs from getting to them.

As you find favorite pieces, care for them accordingly and they'll last you another good many years. Have fun shopping and wearing those fun pieces from years back. Look for more vintage clothing at stores near you.