How To Purchase A Short-Sleeve Shirt

Short-sleeve shirts are ideal for warm climates. They allow you to dress fashionably while staying cool in the summer. You can easily accessorize a short-sleeve shirt with a cardigan or sweater in fall. Investing in new shirts is a great way to expand your wardrobe. Here are four tips to help you purchase a short-sleeve shirt:

1. Choose the style of collar that suits you.

Short-sleeve shirts come in many different styles. When you want a casual look that offers the highest comfort level, you may want a loose-fitting t-shirt. T-shirts are traditionally made with crew neck collars, but you can also find v-neck or scoop-neck tees. When you want to dress up your look, purchase button-down short-sleeve shirts. The collar of your shirt will drastically change your look, so put some careful consideration into the type you purchase.

2. Ensure the shirt is easy to care for.

Before you purchase any shirt, you should make sure it will be easy to care for. When you purchase shirts online, you can often find the care instructions written in the product description. When buying shirts in person, check the hangtag or the inside label of the shirt for care instructions. If you live a low maintenance, busy lifestyle, look for shirts that can be machine dried. Some shirts are made from materials that don't wrinkle, so they will never need ironing.

3. Purchase a shirt made of high-quality material.

Short-sleeve shirts can be made from any material, from cotton to polyester or linen. The best shirts are made from preshrunk fabric. Shirts made from preshrunk fabric won't shrink after the first wash, so the shirt's fit will stay as perfect as when you first tried it on. You may want to purchase shirts crafted in the United States. Shirts made in the U.S.A. are stitched together with American quality, so you know they'll last for years. Look for USA-made short sleeve shirts.

4. Choose colors that complement your features.

Short-sleeve shirts come in every color you can imagine. The color selection process can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can narrow down your options by choosing colors that complement your features. People with light hair and pale skin often look great in pastel colors, while people with darker skin look fantastic in jewel tones. Neutral colors are highly versatile; everyone looks good in a classic black shirt. When in doubt, try some shirts on in person to get a sense of how they look.