3 Questions To Ask The Direct To Garment Printing Company You’re Considering Working With

Finding a custom direct-to-garment printing company to work with should be a straightforward process, but there are some questions you should be asking before deciding whether to work with a particular company. Here are three such questions that should be added to a list of your own:

Are Custom Options Offered?

It is important to find out what kinds of customization options are offered by the garment printing company you consider working with. Can they print any kind of design you come up with? Do they offer custom color mixing? Is there a limit in terms of design size, font type, or detail implementation, or are you free to choose these details as you see fit?

Ask for a list of customization options and design rules so you know exactly what you will and will not be able to accomplish when it comes time to have a printed garment produced for you. This should minimize any confusion, inconvenience, and dissatisfaction that you experience while working with your garment printing company.

What Kinds of Features Are Available?

You should also know what kinds of features are available through any garment printing company you consider working with in case you want to take advantage of those features as time goes on. If you are not aware of the features available, you would not know to even request them, and you could miss out on features that would improve the design of your garments overall.

Some companies offer features such as screen printing, embroidery, PermaPress, tackle twill, and foil printing services. Make a list of features you want to take advantage of and ask for a list of features the company offers so you can compare the lists side-by-side and see what features might be available that you have not even thought about.

How Much Notice Is Required for Timed Deliveries?

It is also a good idea to find out how much notice will be required if you need garments to be produced and delivered to you on a specific date. Some companies may need a week's notice, while others might be able to deliver any garment orders you place within 24 hours. Some may require a standing order, while others might allow you to place orders whenever you want with no minimum requirements. You need to know how much notice is required ahead of time so that you do not end up disappointed with a late delivery that affects a business event or whatever situation the garments were needed for.