Who Needs an American Flag Lapel Pin? Everyone!

If you are looking for the perfect accessory for almost any outfit, look no further than an American flag lapel pin. American flags have long represented freedom and justice, and especially during the summer months, many people sport patriotic colors.

There are several different outfits and styles that American flag pins work really well with, including but definitely not limited to the following.

Business Suits

Nothing looks classier than a professional who supports and sports an American flag on their suit lapel. This can be a signal that whatever your produce at your company is American-made, or simply that you enjoy and support this great Nation. American flag pins can be seen frequently in big cities such as Washington D.C. where many professionals work for the government.

Motorcycle Leathers 

Nothing says 'God bless America' like a tough biker wearing a delicate American flag pin on their leathers. Many biker organizations use the American Flag in their designs. Some bikers are veterans who proudly wear the American flag on the regular. If you have a biker friend who is sometimes hard to shop for, a nice pin may be just what they need for their riding days. 


If you are trying to teach your kids the importance of being patriotic, you may find that they would appreciate a patriotic pin to put on their backpack. Many kids cover their backpacks in pins of things that they find interesting, such as bands, movies, and tv shows. Why not teach them to support this great nation that allows them so many wonderful freedoms? Your kids may even be asking for something to show that they are patriotic and believe in America. A pin could be just what they have been needing. 

Hunting/Fishing Gear

If you have an avid fisherman in your life, they may enjoy a pin to decorate their fishing or hunting gear. After all, hunting is a great way that people demonstrate and utilize their second amendment rights. They will likely appreciate the gentle reminder that American rights allow them the freedom to enjoy the sport they love. 

In conclusion, whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, an American flag lapel pin is always in style. Get one for yourself or someone who is usually difficult to shop for today. People who have grown up in this country, become citizens, and especially veterans will appreciate and enjoy wearing a beautiful American flag as a reminder of what an amazing country it is.