Shopping For And Wearing Ex-Mormon T-Shirts: Tips For New Ex-Members

Leaving the Mormon church can be quite difficult. Once you are out, you may want to find a way to subtly let others know you've left, and perhaps even hint at some of the reasons why. Wearing ex-Mormon t-shirts is a way to do this. However, there are a few tips you'll want to follow when you begin buying and wearing ex-Mormon t-shirts as a newly ex-member.

Buy from a small company owned by other ex-Mormons

Take the time to look into the companies you're thinking of buying ex-Mormon shirts from. There are some smaller vendors who are ex-Mormons themselves. If possible, these are the vendors you want to buy from. In doing so, you are helping support others who have also left the church and who understand the challenges of doing so. The shirts you buy from ex-Mormons are likely to be more comical and in-tune with the real issues you found in the church since the makers have lived Mormonism themselves.

Aim for humor, not anger

If you feel angry at the church or its members, this is normal. However, expressing your anger by way of a t-shirt does not tend to be an effective way to communicate with others. They may write you off as bitter or mean, and then they won't hear your message at all. So it is wiser to choose shirts that educate others about the church using humor. Some examples might include shirts that say the following:

  • I'm Sorry for What I Said When I Was Mormon
  • My Body Is a Temple... Decorated With Tattoos
  • I Love Coffee Now

If you just left, you will probably want to start with milder shirts with less-obvious sayings since you don't know how those around you will react. As you become more confident in your new position, you can start working up to more assertive, obvious shirts.

Keep an extra shirt on hand when wearing your ex-Mormon shirts

When you wear an ex-Mormon shirt to work or school, you don't always know how people are going to react. Sometimes, you may not be in the mood to deal with their questions or comments. So always bring along another, plain shirt so you can change clothes if needed.

With the tips above, you can work your way up to confidently wearing ex-Mormon shirts. Now that you're out, it's time to start living and celebrating in your own way.

For more information, contact an ex-Mormon t-shirt supplier in your area, such as X-Mormon Drinking Team.