3 Reasons To Invest In A Few Custom Clothing Pieces

Having your clothing tailored is one thing, having pieces designed just for you is quite another. While you may not need a fancy custom dress for an awards show or a wedding or need a suit to impress potential business partners, it still is an excellent idea to have pieces custom-designed just for you. Here are 3 reasons to invest in custom clothing you will love. Body appreciation When your clothing fits your body in flattering ways, you can feel better about yourself and gain a greater appreciation for the unique shape that is all yours. Read More 

Buying Mens Shoes For Wide Feet: What To Look For

If you have wide feet and want to have stylish, comfortable shoes, you need to shop smart. You want to choose shoes that have a wide enough toe area to keep your feet comfortable while offering you ample arch and heel support. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the best shoes for your feet that are both attractive and comfortable. Round-toed options Round-toed shoes naturally have a wider foot path for your toes to rest comfortably in the inside. Read More 

Four Things You Need Before Hiking In The Desert

Hiking and backpacking require wise choices and a clear head to ensure you don't stumble into danger, and nowhere is this more true than in the desert. The heat, sun exposure, and lack of water can all conspire against your hike if you are unprepared. The following are the top items you should bring or use on your desert sojourn. #1: Water Water is by far the most important item for any hike. Read More 

Six Must-Have Items And Accessories For Winter Weather

When the winter temperatures begin to drop, make sure you have some specific clothing and accessory items in your closet. These are versatile pieces that will see you through the cooler months, and into spring, stylishly and comfortably. Some great looks and must-have pieces are: A warm cashmere scarf. When the wintry winds blow, wrap up with a soft and luxurious cashmere scarf. These are great accents, and they can effectively dress-up your favorite winter coat. Read More 

Treat Your Adolescent Daughter To A Day Of Fun And Pampering On Her Birthday

If your adolescent daughter's birthday is coming up, and you would like to treat her to a unique day that is filled with fun and pampering, incorporate the following ideas into your plans. The birthday events will be memorable for your child and will demonstrate how much you care about her. Embellished Shirt Take your daughter to a shop that allows individuals to choose how they would like clothing purchases to be decorated. Read More